Thirty years of experience in industrial development

production, mechanical processing and component assembly on customer specification, has made possible the growth of our company in all its departments.

We went from a space occupied by 1000 square meters to about 25000 square meters managing about 3500 details from the small minute to medium and large pieces. Our growth is due both to our continuous technological upgrade and to the constant increase in the know-how of our technicians. We have thus been able to conquer large leading multinational companies in their respective sectors.

    Our Story

    Founded in 1981 by Florideo Panaccio and Ettore Liberatoscioli, two courageous and visionary minds, La Tecnomeccanica Sud s.r.l. was born to meet the needs of customers who demanded a more complete service: from the production of equipment to the finished product. Initially the headquarters was made up of a small building in Guardiagrele, in 1989 the companies Cams and ‘’La Tecnomeccanica Sud’’ settled in the town Of Fara Filiorum Petri in a factory of 4,000 square meters.

    The positive feedback obtained in the market contributes to a constant growth that outlines new successful structures for the Company. Important milestones for the Company’s success were the acquisition in 2000 of the new building in Fara Filiorum Petri of about 18,000 square meters and the transformation of the company into S.p.A in 2006. The company relies on established resources for the development of parts on specific customer thanks to its thirty-year experience and the continuous technological update to which it never puts limit. A group of about 200 employees with a global turnover of about 50 million euros.

    La Tecnomeccanica Sud Today

    It is a reference point for the motorcycle and automotive industry, together with its subsidiaries C.A.M.S. and P. & L. INDUSTRY, it is proposed as a unique reference for the design and construction of aesthetic parts of motorcycles, fuel tanks, exhaust systems, frames and complex components: from the construction of equipment, to the production of components and assembly of the finished product to enslave the assembly lines to the end customer.


    Constantly state-of-the-art for technology, production and design capabilities complies with the standard requirements for the System of Management, Health and Safety at work:

    OHSAS 18001:2007

    ISO 9001:2015

    ISO 14001:2015


    valid for the following application field:

    Design and industrialization in co-design, molding, mechanical processing and assembly components and mechanical subsets for the mechanical and automotive industry through the phases of raw material management, CNC mechanical processing, laser cutting of piping, cold molding, sheet metal, welding, assembly and delivery products.

    (EA Sector: 22 – 17)



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